my first kombucha.

Disclaimer: here is a throw-back writing sample for you. Excuse the ignorance.

August Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Fourteen

It happened at the Sunday farmers market in Liberty Village, Toronto, Canada. I had only ever heard of kombucha two times prior. First, was when a girlfriend and I were walking up and down Queen St. We popped into a tiny café for a cup of fair trade coffee and people watching. Being sold in the café were little bottles of a fruit-flavoured drink called Kombucha. I had never read this word before, promoting me to grab the bottle. Reading the ingredients – the French side first, oops – didn’t help. There weren’t any descriptions or instructions. I was mildly intrigued. My second encounter with the word was brief, but very impactful nonetheless. I was in a local vegan-organic restaurant, and they made the stuff! Who better than to ask the creators themselves, no?

You guys, it is fermented tea with yeast and bacteria in it! Why were people drinking this kombucha stuff? I had no idea. It was being sold in the hipster-areas of town, so was this the next craze a la Atkins and the South Beach Diet? Not necessarily. Think more along the lines of Matcha. It’s been around for thousands of years and westernized pop culture has decided to jump into warp speed and embrace the crap out of it. I admittedly suffer from a disease known as FOMO, and had to get my hands on it! However I was not ready to shell out the $10.00 this vegan-organic restaurant was asking – no, thank you.

My first cup was from a little company called Pekoe Kombucha Bar. They set up fort at the farmers market and were giving away free samples of the mysterious liquid. Perfect! I love me a good ole’ free-samplin’. The flavour was lemon-ginger. ‘Great!’ I thought, this actually sounds like it is going to be surprisingly good. It was carbonated; a little bitter, but refreshing. Sort of like a lemon Perrier. I had to ask, so I did. “What’s so special about this stuff anyway?” I inquired. “Its most famous for boosting your immune system, detoxifying and digestion, but it has also been known to aid in preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.” one of the owners of Pekoe Kombucha Bar told me from behind the folding table separating us under the market tent.

I was fast to jump on the bandwagon. Who knows if kombucha really helps in digestion, etc. etc. etc. . . It tastes delicious. It’s like limbo between juice and alcohol. If it were an age-group, it would be a tween – not just for kids, but not drunk yet.



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